Aboriginal Law

Check against Delivery
Current to: January 2017

Intersections between Professional Regulation and Aboriginal Interests
Current to: May 2016

Good Faith Efforts to Understand—Supporting a Balanced Approach to Constitutional and Procedural Fairness Obligations in Environmental Assessment in British Columbia
Current to: December 2015

The Squamish Nation Assessment Process: Getting to Consent
Current to: July 2015

Do Governments Have a Duty to Consult First Nations about Proposed Legislative Amendments?
Current to: November 2014

First Nations Wealth Management through Good Governance
Current to: June 2014

A Brief Look at Sentencing Aboriginal Offenders and First Nations Courts
Current to: June 2014

Drafting Impact Benefit Agreements
Current to: November 2011

Implementing Reconciliation: The Marshall Case
Current to: August 2010

Virtually every area of the law is affected by aboriginal legal issues. CLEBC, in cooperation with the Law Foundation of BC and a team of experienced volunteers, has developed a collection of papers identifying the aboriginal law and issues you need to be aware of when you act for aboriginal clients or in matters involving aboriginal interests.

Aboriginal estates—policies and procedures of INAC, BC Region
Current to: April 2007

Aboriginal families and the Child, Family and Community Service Act
Current to: August 2007

Aboriginal persons in family law proceedings
Current to: March 2007

Aboriginal title
Current to: November 2007

Accomplishing shared decision making
Current to: June 2006

Acquiring interests in reserve lands
Current to: April 2007

Commodity tax overview for First Nations
Current to: April 2007

Creditors' remedies under the Indian Act
Current to: February 2007

Drafting trust agreements for First Nations
Current to: May 2007

Estates under the Indian Act
Current to: May 2007

Evidentiary issues-oral tradition evidence
Current to: October 2006

Federal Court judicial review and Aboriginal consultation cases
Current to: June 2007

Federal Court dispute resolution services: a practitioner's perspective
Current to: November 2007

First Nations consultation in proceedings before the British Columbia Utilities Commission
Current to: October 2006

First Nations property taxation
Current to: January 2007

Individual Rights Under the Indian Act
Current to: August 2007

Leases on Indian reserves
Current to: October 2006

Meaningful consultation: reconciliation through an honourable process
Current to: July 2006

Oral History
Current to: April 2008

Practice issues before the courts: advance costs issues update
Current to: October 2006

Representing aboriginal plaintiffs in personal injury actions
Current to: April 2007

Understanding the development process: Structuring the lease for marketing and financing concerns
Current to: April 2007

Wills for First Nations persons
Current to: April 2007

Young aboriginal offenders
Current to: January 2007