Business Law

Checklist—Transition of a British Columbia Society under New Societies Act
Current to: November 2016

First Nation Partnerships
Current to: August 2016

Purchase & Sale of Businesses and/or Business Assets: Labour & Employment Law Issues
Current to: August 2015

Vessel Financing and Security
Current to: February 2015

Backgrounder for Talk on the Political Purposes Doctrine
Current to: November 2014

Guideline for Corporate Minute Book Review
Current to: April 2014

Resolving Post-Closing Disputes—The Arbitration Route
Current to: June 2013

Recent Developments in Workplace Technologies and Privacy
Current to: May 2013

Reading and Understanding Financial Statements
Current to: March 2013

Handling and Interviewing Witnesses
Current to: April 2012

Interpretation of Arbitration Agreements
Current to: March 2012

Taking It to the Next Stage—Expansion and Growth
Current to: February 2012

Future Developments in Corporate Governance
Current to: November 2011

General Overview of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
Current to: February 2011

General Partnerships
Current to: April 2011

Human Rights Considerations for Charities and Not-For-Profits
Current to: May 2011

Death by Facebook—The Reputation Management
Current to: April 2011

Key Points in Advising Franchisors
Current to: January 2011

Negotiating an Acceptable Indemnification Provision
Current to: November 2010

Business Valuation
Current to: August 2010

Broken Deals in Business Acquisitions
Current to: July 2010

Risk Management for Corporations
Current to: May 2010

Consent to Act as Director update
Current to: April 2010

Preventing and Managing Shareholder Disputes
Current to: April 2010

Joint Ventures: The Limited Fiduciary Relationship Structure
Current to:February 2010

Preparing Your Direct Examination
Current to:February 2010

“Top Ten” Accommodation Agreement Negotiation Issues
Current to: November, 2009

BCCA overturns trial decision finding solicitor negligent in negotiating agreement and providing advice
Current to: December, 2009

Western Canada Check-Up: BC Cases from June 2008 to October 2009
Current to: November, 2009

Common Procedural Mistakes Lawyers Make in Business Purchase Transaction
Current to: October, 2009

Litigation Strategy Part I
Current to: September, 2009

Changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act: Date of Initial Bankruptcy Event, Wage Protection, Pension Plan Contributions, and Unpaid Suppliers
Current to: September, 2009

Labour Law Update
Current to: September, 2009

Commercial Leasing: Structuring and Managing Lease Relationships in a Recession—Tools and Strategies in Lease Drafting
Current to: August, 2009

Insolvency Issues and Partnerships
Current to: July, 2009

2009 version of model articles available for download
Current to: June, 2009

Tendering Basics
Current to: May, 2009

Rule 37B: A Clean Slate?
Current to: April, 2009

Real estate developers and FINTRAC reporting requirements
Current to: April, 2009

Securities Class Actions and Secondary Liability in Canada: A New Day Dawning?
Current to: March, 2009

Five Hot Privacy Topics
Current to: March, 2009

Chambers Practice: One Master’s Views
Current to: February, 2009

An Overview of Securities Regulation in British Columbia
Current to: February, 2009

Drafting Trusts That Work
Current to: November, 2008

Residency Obligation Exemptions for the Business Individual: Can I Stay or Can I Go?
Current to: October, 2008

Intellectual Property and Information Technology issues that every business (and lawyer) should be aware of
Current to: October, 2008

Commercial Leases: Options to Renew
Current to: October, 2008

The Consequences of Failure: Rule 37 and the Rise and Fall of the Formal Offer to Settle
Current to: September 17, 2008

BC Supreme Court rules trust cheques do not constitute a lawyer’s undertaking ( Case Digest)
Current to: August 8, 2008

Contracts of Purchase and Sale for Income-Producing Properties
Current to: August, 2008

Financing—Acting for Borrowers
Current to: August, 2008

Causation in Tort Since Resurfice: Overview
Current to: July, 2008

Property Transfer Tax: Unusual Transactions and Traps for the Unwary
Current to: July, 2008

Mediation at the Labour Relations Board: A Cultural Shift
Current to: July, 2008

PPSA Practice Points, Traps and Pitfalls—What’s New?
Current to: June, 2008

Implementing First Nation Land Use Plans: Challenges and Results
Current to: June, 2008

Real Property Assessment—Case Law Update
Current to: June, 2008

Court of Appeal finds Employment Standards Act a comprehensive scheme (case digest)
Current to: May, 2008

Procurement: The Integrity of the Bidding Process and the Role of the Consultant
Current to: May, 2008

Independent Cause of Action vs. an Independent Actionable Wrong—A Distinction without a Difference? Damages for Discrimination in the Civil Courts
Current to: May, 2008

Land Title Act does not require registration of bare trust interest (case digest)
Current to: April, 2008

Supreme Court confirms jurisdiction in defamation action against union (case digest)
Current to: April, 2008

Court of Appeal considers arbitral decision on commissions and fiduciary duties (case digest)

Current to: April, 2008

The Developer’s Perspective
Current to: March, 2008

Forestry Case Law Update
Current to: February, 2008

The Right to be Wrong: Deference to Securities Commissions in M&A Disputes
Current to: February, 2008

Court of Appeal considers rights and obligations of co-guarantors (case digest)
Current to: February 2008

Court of Appeal rules shareholders’ agreement terminated by receiving order (case digest)
Current to: January 2008

Some Properly Deferential Thoughts on Deference
Current to: November 2007

Section 85 Rollovers
Current to: April, 2007

Environmental Liability in Business
Current to: April, 2007

Preliminary issues to consider in negotiated mergers and acquisitions
Current to: February, 2007

Construction claims and contracting strategies
Current to: March 23, 2007

"And Now for Something Slightly Different: The British Columbia Oppression Remedy"
Current to: March 02, 2007

The collapsing deal and dispute resolution techniques for solicitors
Current to: February, 2007

Shareholders' Remedies: Lessons for Solicitors
Current to: November, 2006

Understanding and Working with Limited Liability Partnerships
Current to: November, 2006

Point-Based Timeshare Plans
Current to: June, 2006

Bridging the gap: A lawyer's view on discovery of electronic documents
Current to: April 27, 2006

A Primer -Tax Fundamentals for Will and Estate Planners
Current to: January 1, 2001