Real Estate

Mortgage Lending: Case Law Update and Best Practices
Current to: December 2017

The Additional Difficulties for Conveyancers in Second and Private Mortgages
Current to: October 2017

Strata Corporation Bylaws: Recent Issues in Validity and Enforcement
Current to: July 2017

For Real Property Lenders and Interest Holders: An Overview of the Evolving Legislative and Regulatory Regime Concerning Marijuana
Current to: May 2017

Mortgage Lending: Update and Practice Points
Current to: March 2017

“Shadow Flipping”: The Legalities of Assigning Real Estate Contracts in British Columbia
Current to: June 2016

Ten Plus Pointers for Drafting Procurement Documents
Current to: October 2014

Liability of Other Professionals in Real Estate Transactions
Current to: December 2013

Property Tax Exemptions
Current to: November 2013

Conveyance of a Leasehold Interest in First Nation Lands
Current to: December 2012

The Impact of the New Rules of Court on Construction Litigation
Current to: June 2012

Keep a Sharp Lookout—Civil Forfeiture and Seeing the Risks in Suspicious Real Estate Transactions
Current to: December 2011

A New Role for Lawyers in Real Estate
Current to: December 2011

Final Offer Arbitration: Baseball, Boxcars & Beyond
Current to: May 2011

Case Law Update 2011
Current to: April 2011

Acting for Private Lenders: Considerations for Conveyancers Preparing Their Mortgages and Representing Their Interests
Current to: September 2011

Escrow Closings
Current to: July 2011

10 Tips for Conducting a Successful Commercial Lease Arbitration
Current to: June 2011

Drafting and Anatomy of the Subdivision Agreement
Current to: March 2011

Property Transfer Tax Issues: Tips and Traps for the Unwary
Current to: March 2011

HST and Real Property Transactions
Current to: December 2010

Strata Property Amendment Act
Current to: September 2010

Residential Real Estate and the HST
Current to: September 2010

Residential Real Estate Case Law Update
Current to: April 2010

Conveyancing—Miscellaneous Topics
Current to: March 2010

Preparing Your Direct Examination
Current to: February 2010

Residential Real Estate—Pitfalls and Tips
Current to: December 2009

Costs and Protective Disbursements
Current to: November 2009

Green Building Initiatives
Current to: October 2009

Acting for Private Lenders: Considerations for Conveyancers Preparing Their Mortgages and Representing Their Interests
Current to: September 2009

Commercial Leasing: Structuring and Managing Lease Relationships in a Recession—Tools and Strategies in Lease Drafting
Current to: August 2009

The Order Nisi
Current to: May 2009

Real estate developers and FINTRAC reporting requirements
Current to: April 2009

Five Hot Privacy Topics
Current to: March 2009

Peace, Order and Green Governance—Keeping a Project Green
Current to: February 2009

Chambers Practice: One Master’s Views
Current to: February 2009

Judicial Review Fundamentals: How-to Tips, With a Focus on Federal Court
Current to: February 2009

The Collapsing Deal—Some Random Thoughts
Current to: January 2009

BCSC sets aside summary judgment obtained in foreclosure proceedings (Case Digest)
Current to: November 2008

Commercial Leases: Options to Renew
Current to: October 2008

BC Supreme Court rules trust cheques do not constitute a lawyer’s undertaking (Case Digest)
Current to: August 2008

Contracts of Purchase and Sale for Income-Producing Properties
Current to: August 2008

Joint Tenancy
Current to: August 2008

Financing—Acting for Borrowers
Current to: July 2008

Causation in Tort Since Resurfice: Overview
Current to: July 2008

Ongoing Liabilities
Current to: July 2008

Property Transfer Tax: Unusual Transactions and Traps for the Unwary
Current to: July 2008

Implementing First Nation Land Use Plans: Challenges and Results
Current to: June 2008

Real Property Assessment—Case Law Update
Current to: June 2008

Procurement: The Integrity of the Bidding Process and the Role of the Consultant
Current to: May 2008

Land Title Act does not require registration of bare trust interest (case digest)
Current to: March 2008

The Developer’s Perspective
Current to: March 2008

Forestry Case Law Update
Current to: February 2008

Rejection of the “Postage Stamp” Approach to Aboriginal Title: The Tsilhqot’in Nation Decision
Current to: January 2008

Some Properly Deferential Thoughts on Deference
Current to: November 2007

Joint Tenancy Update
Current to: November 2007

Commercial Leases and the 21st Century
Current to: May 2007

Construction claims and contracting strategies
Current to: March 2007

Bylaws and Bylaw Enforcement
Current to: March 2007

The collapsing deal and dispute resolution techniques for solicitors
Current to: February 2007

Real Property Law Update from the Annual Review of Law & Practice—2007
Current to: January 2007

Sample Opinion Letter—Real Estate
Current to: December 2006

Points-Based Timeshare Plans
Current to: June 2006